What do you call a woodworker/husband and an artist/wife?

His and Herbs!

After buying a fixer-upper of an old farmhouse circa 1880's we became quite good at crafting and designing. Seriously, the house should have been condemned! It needed a lot of TLC. At that time most of what we needed didn't exist at the big box stores, so we had to create them, room by room. 


​Both animal lovers at heart we made butterfly and bird houses for our backyard. They fit well as we live in Ottawa county Ohio, one of the biggest migration sights in the United States.  Word spread of our unique designs local gift shops and greenhouses started selling our "handiwork." You could find us at local craft shows back then, that was 40 years ago!

We both retired a few years ago.  I decided to give painting a full-time effort. I teach all aspects of art in my studio as well as local businesses. Steve recently purchased a CNC machine to add to his fine collection of woodworking equipment. Together the possibilities of what we can create are endless!

We have found a niche in creating one-of-a-kind special items just for you and your loved ones. Our motto is:

"Life is short, we make it special."

Thank you for checking out our website. 

We hope to have inspired you and wish to hear from you soon.