I am an avid artist and have drawn and painted as long as I can remember. I retired 5 years ago to paint full time.  My biggest inspiration comes from nature and I am immersed in it 24/7.  I have been privileged to find some of the best art instructors to assist in my development of  painting style.  I do not limit my painting to canvas. Why limit yourself when there are paints made for use on everything!

The recent craze for painting classes has given me the wings not only to paint but share what I've learned.  You can see a few of my paintings at the Schedel Welcome Center in Elmore, Ohio.  I was honored to be their featured Artist this year!  You can sign up for my monthly classes there as well. Check out the Event Calendar at the top of the screen to see other classes being held throughout the Toledo area. 

You can also see some of my artwork at the Toledo Zoo August 3rd and 4th for their annual art fair, "Wild About Art."  

 I hope to see you soon!


Donna M. Ebert


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