Baking Painted Glass Pieces

We use a"Mulit-Surface" paint that is recommended for indoor and outdoor use. It may be used on glass, wood, metal, terra cotta, ceramics, papier mache, fabric, canvas and most plastics. If used on glass it is recommended to bake the piece in your oven after it air dries for 7 days. This makes the paint adhere to the glass and reported to be dishwasher safe. I also noted a few of the raised brush stokes are eliminated after baking.

These are the instructions for baking of the paint we use to create our master pieces:

Set the piece(s) in a cold oven. I place mine on a cookie sheet for stability.

If baking a wine glass I often put the glass upside down. I often paint the underside of a wine glass base so I don't want the paint to bake to the oven rack. Placing the bottom of the stem facing the top of the oven and the drinking rimm facing the bottom of the oven.

Make sure none of the paint is touching any surface of your oven, another piece of painted artwork or the cookie sheet.

Turn the oven on to 350 degrees. DO NOT USE RAPID PREHEAT!!!

Set the timer for 30 minutes and walk away.

Once the time is up turn the oven off. The piece is too hot to touch so once again... walk away!

Once the piece is cooled you can remove it safely from the oven and enjoy!

Just a note so you don't worry. There is a slight smell omitted from the paint when baking but it's not very noticable. I often bake up to 24 glasses at a time and may be why I can smell it but others cannot.

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